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Cherie Blair

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About this Site

Welcome to my website. Its central aim is to highlight how women all around the world can work together to improve their lives.

"This website is dedicated to the issues that concern me, to helping improve the position of women throughout the world by sharing information and by safeguarding and promoting human rights.

At the heart of the website is the Women of the World section. It concentrates on issues of concern and interest to women worldwide and highlights the work that is going on to remove barriers preventing women playing their full role in their societies and the wider world.

The website will also draw attention to the extraordinary work of some of the charities with which I have been fortunate to be involved, many of which also concentrate on helping women and families.

Through my work as a lawyer and my time living at 10 Downing St, I have come into contact with, and worked with, some wonderful charities and am keen to do what I can to publicise the difference they are making to people's lives.

They include charities which concentrate on improving women's health, ensuring girls are not denied education, promoting women entrepreneurs and keeping women safe. You can read about the work they do on the website.

I am also keen to publicise good work going on in Liverpool, my native city, for which I will always have a special affection. So there is a separate section on the work of the Merseyside charities with which I have been involved."
Cherie Blair - October 2008

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About this Site

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The website is laid out in easy-to-navigate sections. Women of the World is divided into Economic, Social and Cultural, Health and Well Being sections, and includes a worldwide Calendar of Events.
Charities focuses on the work of the charities with which Cherie Blair is involved.
Events and Visits gives details of Cherie Blair's speeches, visits and events which are relevant to the website .
About Cherie Blair contains a brief biography while Cherie Booth QC has details of her professional work as a barrister.
Speeches and Articles has a selection of Cherie Blair's speeches and published articles.
Contact Cherie Blair provides the opportunity for feedback from visitors to the site and the chance to join the database.


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