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Cherie Blair Talks Tech Gender Gap

The Street, 27 June 2011

Watch Cherie tell The Street's James Rogers how her foundation is working with the likes of Google to empower women entrepreneurs in the developing world.

World's Widows' Plight Brought to Light

Watch Cherie talk to Erica Hill about the "vicious cycle of decline" many widowed women face around the world.

Cherie Blair: Empowering Women in Emerging Markets, 22 June 2011

Watch Cherie in conversation with Matthew Bishop from The Economist

UN Launches International Widows' Day

BBC News World, 23 June 2011

Watch the BBC story about UN International Widows' Day featuring interviews with Cherie and Yoko Ono.

Message on International Widows' Day: 23 June 2011

United Nations, 20 June 2011

Of the approximately 245 million widows in our world, more than 115 live in extreme poverty.

World Justice Forum III

Cherie Blair, Barcelona, 20 June 2011

"Law touches every part of our lives."

Mary Ann Sieghart: We do need to stop the muck-rakers

The Independent, 20 June 2011

The editors will protest about loss of free speech. But reports based on privacy intrusion are lazy journalism

In Bangladesh, a New University Gives Women a Shot at Leadership

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 June 2011

With the overall goal of solving deep-seated social problems, the university encourages students to connect their theoretical study with contemporary issues and challenges facing Asia and the world.